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Prosthetics and Orthotics

Frequently Asked Questions About Prosthetics

Have a question? There's a possibility the answer is right here. Select a topic below to see related commonly asked questions.If the answers to your questions isn’t available, you can contact Truppe Health Care Products & Services Ltd. with your request.

How Long Should I Wear Compression Stockings?

Contact your family doctor to get a referral to the Amputee Clinic at Parkwood Hospital. At your appointment, inform the doctor that you would like Mr. Truppe to be your prosthetist and they will bring him into your appointment to discuss the options with you. By asking for him, it allows the Truppe Health Care team to work with you and ensure a positive journey and an encouraging outcome.

What Is the Journey of Getting a Prosthesis Made?

You will go through several sockets (the part of the prosthesis that your residual limb goes into) throughout your life. Initially, we cast taking a mould of your limb, which we make modifications to, to make a custom socket. The clear socket material allows for changes to be made if needed and is for temporary use as residual limbs normally become smaller as the swelling goes down. As time progresses, clients will need a few of these to adjust to the decrease in limb size. Once your limb mostly stabilizes in size, you will need a definitive socket (the sockets you see that are skin tone or different colours) as the manufacturing of this prosthesis is much more durable. If at any time in your journey, you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to ask.

How Long Will My Prosthesis Last?

As long as the fit of your socket does not change much, a typical amputee will get a new limb every 3-5 years. Often the shape of a client's limb changes over time due to muscle atrophy, weight changes, or a variety of health conditions. In such cases, the prosthetic may eventually require a new socket. It is best to come in to see the prosthetist periodically to confirm that everything is fitting well and functioning properly.

Is There a Charge for Each Visit?

We do not charge a fee to come into our office for adjustments as your comfort, safety and health is our top-most priority. Our team understands that there are questions, concerns, and adjustments that come with a prosthetic and we want to be a reliable resource for you. We stand behind our work and understand your needs. Sometimes adaptations need to be made to have your prostheses functioning at their best. Replacing a component that has worn out over time, adding different materials for upkeep, or fixing a damaged prosthetic may require additional costs. We will inform you about any additional costs after consultation.


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