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custom prosthetic leg

Custom Prosthetics in London and Surrounding Areas

Truppe Health Care prides itself on the exceptional quality of work and patient care provided to clients in London and Surrounding areas. Since 1953, our prosthetic services and clinical experience have helped our clients return to the activities they enjoyed prior to their amputation and continue to live healthy, successful lives. We specialize in prostheses for a variety of amputation levels for both upper and lower extremities and have successfully developed extraordinary prosthetic solutions to satisfy all clients’ needs.

We offer:

As we customize and manufacture all types of prostheses, feel free to book a free consultation with our prosthetist, who will gladly discuss any concerns and answer any questions you may have.

At London's Parkwood Institute, an inpatient program was established to assist new amputees in the support, rehabilitation, and education in the use of their prosthesis. The amputee team collaborates on your treatment plan and continually works together to adapt to your anatomical changes ensuring a comfortable and positive outcome.

Artificial Limbs for Leg

Artificial Limbs for Above and Below-Knee Amputations

Our prosthetist considers a multitude of aspects when determining the best solution for the client, as outcomes are influenced by the level of amputation, the shape of the limb, finances, personal goals, and overall health. Years of experience have provided our prosthetist with the expertise to provide a comfortable, custom leg and to diagnose changes that require adjustments to improve the client interface and alignments.


Upper Extremity

We have collaborated with clients on a broad spectrum of amputation levels for upper extremities, ranging from a partial loss of their finger to a complete loss of an arm or arms. Due to every individual being unique, we offer numerous types of systems where your control of the prosthetics is body-powered (i.e. harness with cables with a hook, hand or activity-specific attachment), or using myoelectric control (i.e. sensors detect signals from your muscles to move the hook or hand). We also incorporate individual preferences, recognizing factors of lifestyle, durability, functionality, and cosmetic appearance to customize our products for your specific wants and needs. Together, we can determine the best solution for you to help you regain your function and independence.

custom Artificial Limbs for arms
upper extremity
Pediatric Prosthetics

Pediatric Prosthetics

As one would imagine, the needs of pediatric clients with limb loss vary greatly than that of adult amputees. Our expertise in pediatric prostheses ensures a comfortable fit and adaptation of the prosthesis as the child grows. We work hard to manufacture prosthetics that visually appeal to children and use innovative and inventive ideas to help kids get back to being kids. Our durable prostheses have enabled children to fulfill their desire to play with their friends and families, compete on sports teams, and experience new activities they have always dreamed of doing. Our advanced manufacturing allows the prostheses to withstand a wide range of conditions where children may get dirty or wet. It is our honour to watch children and their families grow, and see the joy that comes from new skills and adventures.

pediatric prosthetics


If cosmetic appearance is an important quality to you, we will ensure that the prosthetic not only looks great but feels great as well. We offer high-quality products that are tailored to your residual limb, customizing skin tones to include nails, freckles, veins, and hair. This feature is more often used for appearance purposes for daily living and special events or can be added to a functional prosthesis.

cosmetic prosthetic

You Don’t Have to Live in Pain

With custom orthotics, reduce the pain in your lower back, knee and foot, and lead a comfortable life.

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