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Compression Stocking

Compression Stocking for Pain Relief in London, ON

During pregnancy or with individuals in a sedentary work environment, we may experience blood pooling near our feet due to gravity. This causes the veins to stretch and lose the elasticity they require to circulate blood. Compression stockings are worn to help prevent or guard against the progression of venous disorders such as edema, phlebitis, and thrombosis. Wearing compression stockings will help reduce the diameter of distended veins and increase blood flow velocity, providing relief for heavy aching legs. 


Our experienced and qualified personnel are ready to assist you with your over the counter stocking needs or to measure and fit you with prescribed compression stockings. We specialize in fitting of both Sigvaris and Juzo brands with compressions ranging from 15-20 through 40-50. We offer a variety of fabrics, colours and styles for any need, whether it be knee high, thigh high or a full pantyhose. Our compression stockings are made for the comfort and support you need.


How Long Should I Wear Compression Stockings?

Your prescribing physician will monitor your progress and can tell you the degree of compression you require and for how long. If you are prescribed stockings for a condition that is circulation-related, you may require them for years. 

Is a Prescription Required?

For most insurance plans, a prescription is required. You should consult your individual plan, which will tell you if you have the coverage and also the frequency of the coverage. 

Are the Stockings Sold Individually or in Pairs?

All compression stockings are sold as pairs.

Happy to Assist You

Our team of prosthetists, physicians, and nurses are always ready to help you with any kind of concern.

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