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prosthetic leg

High-Quality Treatment

We can tackle difficult and challenging cases, providing innovative solutions to meet your individual needs.

Trusted Healthcare Solutions in London, ON and Surrounding Areas

Truppe Health Care Products & Services Ltd delivers high-quality prosthetic services. As a long-standing facility in London, we serve patients in London and throughout Southwestern Ontario. Let our experience be your guide in improving your mobility. Our specialists are highly trained to work with the latest materials and technology. We have endeavoured to manufacture and dispense the highest quality and most technologically advanced prosthetic since 1953. With over 67 years of experience, we strive to build relationships with our clients and to treat them with the utmost care and attention.

A woman with a prosthetic leg

Personalized Service for Children and Adults

As a family-owned and operated business , we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to experience a functional and productive life. From children to adults, our team of certified prosthetists seek to deliver the best service possible. our staff seeks to deliver the best service possible.

Custom made prosthetics

Over 60 years of experience

Free assessment and consultation


Happy With the Service

“They made my prosthetics. I’m happy with my ability to walk and they helped me with it.”

- Hazel

woman wrapping a bandage on her leg

Get Relief From Pain

Compression stockings can help you in getting relief from the excruciating pain in your legs.

A person with a prosthetic leg

Personalized Prosthetics

We specialize in custom prosthetics and can offer you the best fit so that you stay comfortable and confident.

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